Sis Çit (Fog Fence) © 2016

An inexpensive, passively designed, mesh atmospheric water generator that collects fog for use in drip irrigation systems, and provide drinking water offsets. Biomimicry at its finest. ​

One of the best examples of a passive design system performing in the field is the CloudFisher. This system is geographically best suited in mountainous and coastal regions that have long periods of foggy weather. Depending on the season and geographical location, between 36-126 liter/day (~9.5-33 gal/day) can be harvested from a module with a net surface area of 9 m^2. In places like Morocco, peak values of over 600 liters/day (~159 gal/day) have been measured. This system can also withstand wind speeds up to 120 kph (~75 mph).

'Sis Çit' is Türkish for 'Fog Fence'.

IMAGE: Photo by Cuivie


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