Ethane—a Green(er) Clean(er) Transportation Fuel Opportunity © 2013

2013 - Present

Converting the existing CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fleet to utilize ethane (a waste gas) may be a practical near-term choice with low capital investment. Over the long-term, if the supply of ethane is sustainable, the ethane fleet may be expanded accordingly. An ethane transportation program in the United States may lead the way for wider adoption of ethane as a green(er), clean(er) transportation fuel while the electrical vehicle infrastructure, where appropriate, becomes more fully realized.

2021 Exploring a funding opportunity with the US DoE Loans Office Program for Innovative Technology in the Advanced Fossil Energy category | April 2021

2017 PLEA Conference Paper | 3-5 July 2017

2017 PLEA Presentation

2017 Affirming Rice University Baker Institute for Public Policy Brief | Seeking Scalable, Cost-Effective Reductions in Gasoline Demand and Tailpipe Emissions? Focus on Pickup Trucks, Not Priuses

2016 Wärtsilä | World's first ethane-powered marine vessels

2015 CARB Presentation | The engineers at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) affirmed this research, was open to providing an exemption for a test program, and indicated how local air districts might also be interested in this opportunity.

2015 YOUTUBE [VIDEO] | IMEGA USA Ethane Bi-Fuel NUCOR's Ford F150 4.6 Triton

2015 ACS Paper

2014 MIT Climate CoLab Proposal (updated in 2018)

2014 Info-graphic

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