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Projects Updates

I aim to provide a compendium of projects I have worked on or am currently working on here. Do read on by clicking on the tabbed items below...



:: March 2005 ::

Performed research and produced a draft of a simplified procedural design guideline, Installing Photovoltaics on California K-12 Schools.







:: March 2013 ::

Perform research and due diligence for propagating Jatropha tree use in sustainable development biomass/biofuel applications in Haiti for Grarado Green Energy.




:: August 2009 - In-progress ::

Investigating pumped hydro schemas and water reclamation in the urban environment.




Sustainable Development (SD)

:: January 2012::

Investigating opportunities utilizing LED lighting technology for optimizing indoor plant propagation and repurposing shipping/building materials for raised bed production in the urban environment.

:: September 2011::

Performed renewable energy policy research for the Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA) located in Oakland, California, USA. Investigating distributive/decentralized energy, energy/demand reduction, community choice alliance energy programs arenas. This includes investigating where and how renewable energy technology systems will play a part in the CA SB843 Community-Based Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program.

:: April - September 2011::

Performed the duties of a WWOOFing Acolyte, applied my sustainable development knowledge in the field on an organic farm-vineyard in Napa, CA, USA, an organic orchard-ranch in Sonoma, CA, USA and an organic farm in Napa, CA, USA with a fruit orchard and vegetable garden, that also raises goats and chickens. This included developing a commercial application schema for installing small wind turbines in the built environment. I additionally sought out opportunities for installing photovoltaics, solar hot water and biomass waste recovery systems. My aim is to mindfully identify and address how ecosystems respond to change, how to facilitate public engagement by telling a story that resonates with all stakeholders, to help the environment and to learn how to mitigate the decline of biodiversity--even in the urban environment.

:: February 2010::

Entered the 2010 Cleantech Open along with my collegues at SilverCrest and SunBD. We submitted a nascent, service-oriented business model, RE-Power `Em. You can learn more about RE-Power `Em here.



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