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I aim to provide a compendium of projects here that I have worked on, or am currently working on. Do read on by clicking on the tabbed items below...



:: May - November 2012 ::

PV Design for theWolfson Mechanical Engineering Façade[FIRST DRAFT] System Architecture. UH-HNEI | DoE Grid, Photovoltaic & Battery Smart Grid Inverter Project; part of the US DoE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy SunShot Initiative - Contributed on a nascent smart grid communications protocol standard for embedding a high-penetration of residential PV inverters on existing electrical distribution networks. Poster viewable here.

:: May 2009 ::

PV Design for theWolfson Mechanical Engineering FaçadePV Design for the Wolfson Mechanical Engineering Façade at Loughborough University, UK using PVSYST.

:: March 2005 ::

Photovoltaics on CA K-12 Schools - Rahus InstitutePerformed research and produced a draft of a simplified procedural design guideline, Installing Photovoltaics on California K-12 Schools.

:: April 2004 - May 2005 ::

Designed and installed residential, grid-tied PV array systems.


:: October 2013 ::

Community Wind-SF Bay Area1 October 2013 Presentation - Community Wind–It's needed in the SF Bay Area

Community Wind-SF Bay AreaShorter 11 pg version - 1 October 2013 Presentation - Community Wind–It's needed in the SF Bay Area

:: February 2012 - June 2013 ::

Decommissioning a small wind turbine generator (WTG) that was installed in Berkeley, CA, USA in December 1981. Check out these PDFs and archived video:

Berkeley Gazette Small Wind Turbine Article 25 March 1982 "Family sets up city's first residential windmill" article in The Berkeley Gazette

14 March 2012 Presentation - Installing a Small WTG in the Built-Environment - What not to do...

Click here to view video. Digitized 8 mm film on YouTube of the installation

Case Study Extract - Small Wind Turbines in the Built Environment Decommissioning Guide Case Study Extract - Small Wind Turbines in the Built Environment Decommissioning Guide - Contact me to obtain the password to download the entire 56 page decommissioning guide here.

:: November - December 2012 ::

Proposed everyday brilliance for disaster resilience back-up power emergency response options schema for deployment during disaster relief events.

SVdP Short Business Plan Concept 9 November 2012 - Prepare. Respond. Adapt. RE Power `Em Short Business Plan Concept

SVdP Wind Resource Feasibility Study Proposal 19 November 2012 - Wind Resource Feasibilty Study Proposal

:: March 2011 ::

Provided consultation on a small wind turbine installation, DAQ and visualization recommendations at the Phipps Conservatory Center for Sustainable Landscapes in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

:: October 2009 ::

Proposal to PSU, Portland, OR, USA to perform vibrational and noise mitigating research for a small, urban, rooftop wind turbine system. Impetus was due to mechanical noise issues propagated by aerodynamic revelations in early 2009 when analyzing wind resource data from the Warwick Wind Trials.

:: February 2009 ::

Performed research, investigate opportunities siting small wind turbines in the built environment using the Warwick Wind Trials (WWT) datathe first study [2007-08] of its kind in the world to monitor 26 rooftop wind installations in the Midlands of the UK. The Wind Speed and Energy Yield Analysis of Small Wind Turbines on a 45m High-rise Building in the Built Environment Interim Report can be reviewed by clicking here.


:: March 2013 ::

Perform research and due diligence for propagating Jatropha tree use in sustainable development biomass/biofuel applications in Haiti for Grarado Green Energy.


:: September 2015 - In-progress ::

Atmospheric Water Generation for Aquatics FacilitiesAtmospheric Water Generation for Aquatics Facilities

:: August 2009 - In-progress ::

REST in Urban AgricultureInvestigating pumped hydro schemas, water reclamation and using renewable energy systems technologies to condense moisture in the air for use in urban farm irrigation.

Sustainable Development (SD)

:: May 2015 - Present ::

/IAPMO-WEStandCommunity Compost Toilet System (IAPMO WE·Stand Model) Presentation. Prepared for for those who want to know more about being a poo guru... Oakland, CA, USA.

Short Business PlanShort Business Plan. Producing sustainable, affordable, beautiful tiny dwellings, promoting low environmental impact resource management, and providing spaces for people to cultivate the riches of less.

REST in Urban Agriculture + HumanureREST In Urban Agriculture + Humanure - (RE)Branding a (RE)source. Investigating opportunities for repurposing human excreta in the urban environment. Please contact me directly to obtain the password to this file.

REST In Urban Agriculture + S.E.E.C. Tiny HouseREST In Urban Agriculture + S.E.E.C. Tiny House. Prepared for the District Three Council Staff, City of Oakland, CA, USA

:: December 2013 - Present ::

Ethane as a green(er) transportation fuel opportunity[PAPER] Ethanea green(er) transportation fuel opportunity. PLEA 2017 Conference Transport Forum Submission 1355.

Ethane as a green(er) transportation fuel opportunity[PRESENTATION] Ethanea green(er) transportation fuel opportunity. PLEA 2017 Conference Transport Forum

Ethane as a green(er) transportation fuel opportunityEthane as a green(er) transportation fuel opportunity. 2014 MIT Climate CoLab proposal - Transportation - How can CO2 emissions from the transportation sector be reduced?

:: November 2012 - Present ::

Investigate opportunities using LED lighting technology to optimize indoor plant/crop propagation in the urban environment.

:: January 2012 - September 2013 ::

Repurpose raised bed productionTested building repurposed shipping/building materials for raised bed production in the urban environment.

:: September 2011 - December 2013 ::

Perform renewable energy policy research at the Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA) in Oakland, CA, USA. Investigate distributive/decentralized energy, energy/demand reduction, community choice alliance energy programs arenaswhere and how renewable energy technology systems will play a part in the California SB843 Community-Based Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program.

:: April - September 2011 ::

Applied sustainable development knowledge on organic farm-vineyard, and fruit orchard-ranch in Napa, CA, USA. Mindfully identify and address how ecosystems respond to change, how to facilitate public engagement by telling a story that resonates with all stakeholders, to aid the environment, mitigate the decline of biodiversity, ultimately translate this knowledge in the urban environment.

:: February 2010 ::

2010 CTO Short Plan PPTEntered the 2010 Cleantech Open along with SilverCrest and SunBD providing a nascent, service-oriented business model. Go here to learn more.



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