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Business Model

I am a conceptual designer of hybrid renewable energy systems who coordinates teams of relevant experts to deliver suitable designs that can be installed by the owner, a local contractor or by my team of experts. The business model is under development, and our new web site is in progress here...

Vision Synopsis

Out Think The Box is a collaboration between Silvercrest and SunBD, and where applicable, will evolve and expand to include companies with appropriate renewable energy, energy efficiency/conservation and sustainability development technological expertise. Using local knowledge and resources, combined with the latest decentralized renewable technologies, we aim to provide energy and potable water solutions for a rebuilding a holistic, sustainable future for all inhabitants of the Earth. We are partners and not patrons who will bring to all the means for a sustainable future!

Mission Statement

As renewable energy system integrators and sustainability development experts, we provide knowledge and key components for customized, durbable energy and potable water systems solutions.


Our conglomerate of companies, a cooperation between different companies with the same viewpoint, is to provide a a sustainable future to all citizens that don’t cost the Earth. We address and provide solutions for electricity, heat, cooking needs, water supply, housing and agricultural that are contingent on our clients' available natural and human resources.


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