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I am a (hybrid) renewable energy engineer, disruptive technologist, generalist, technical writer, web content management, copy editor and communications specialist with a background in renewable energy, systems engineering, sustainable development, and IT systems analysis and administration. From time to time, when I have a moment, I also dabble in music publishing and wearing the hat of an Eco-chef.

I am interested in working on projects and challenging opportunities with a focus on renewables, specifically wind, solar and hydrokinetics, as well as energy efficiency. I completed my PG Dipl (Post Graduate Diploma == MSc non-thesis in the USA) in renewable energy systems technology engineering from the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST), Loughborough University, UK. My passion is focused in hybrid renewable energy systems and distributive energy scenarios.

What is a (hybrid) renewable energy engineer?

A hybrid renewable energy engineer is an engineering generalist with an understanding of sustainable development whose skills set are typically comprised of an amalgam of mechanical and electrical engineering. One who is able to design and assemble systems and components that are comprised of more than one renewable energy (RE) technology i.e. solar, wind, hydro-kinetic (ocean/wave/micro-hydro), biomass, geothermal and storage (battery, hydrogen fuel cell, fly wheel). The RE technologies selected depend on one's geographical predisposition, resource availability and the end-use need, to name a few considerations...

I am Experienced

I have held leadership and decision-making roles in computer software start-up companies during the dot-com, enabling companies I worked for to maintain a lower bottom line financially. My knowledge current research and trends in the field of renewable energy and sustainability development is comprehensive, nationally and internationally. My primary expertise is investigating opportunities for energy generation using wind in the urban/built environment. I also have some experience looking at place-based resiliency and contingency strategies for fortifying uniterruptible power during disaster relief scenarios for a charity organization in Oakland, CA, USA.

In recent years, I have been working on conceptual designs for implementing place-based urban adaptation strategies for affordable housing, water-resource management, the protection of biodiversity-rich and emblematic ecosystems, and hyper-intense urban farming that includes RESTs [Renewable Energy Systems Technologies, focusing on the six R's:

  • Resiliency
  • Redundancy
  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • (Quick) Response
  • (Easy to) Repair
  • I am Connected

    I am adept at networking and building strategic alliances by utilizing conventional, unconventional and creative approaches, developing and working in collaborative teams. I am respected by colleagues in the USA and abroad, many of whom now run their own companies or hold senior management positions and/or are company principals. Explored opportunities and barriers to a low carbon society by investigating micro-generation (solar PV, and anaerobic digestion of biomass) for a small village in Nigeria. Performed research of the role of renewable energy in improving energy security within the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS).

    I am a Problem-Solver

    I have been privileged to initiate, launch and lead several process improvement efforts in my past jobs. My greatest strengths include:

  • taking bold, decisive and definitive action to solve problems.
  • networking and building strategic alliances by utilizing conventional, unconventional and creative approaches.
  • developing and working in collaborative teams.
  • I can create positive impact and change at a large organizations, which ultimately lead to a stream-lined and optimized workplace, enhancing productivity. I am a strategic thinker with lots of determination, persistence and an extraordinary ability to concentrate and overcome challenges.

    I am Greener

    On a day-to-day basis, I practice maintaining a low-carbon footprint--I walk, ride a bicycle and utilize mass transportation as my primary means for mobility. I am also a member of the Energy Institute (UK), International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and the Union of Concerned Scientists. I possess a comprehensive knowledge of current research and trends being conducted in the field of renewable energy and sustainability development; nationally and internationally. I also subscribe to a number of industry web sites to keep apprised of the latest events in the cleaner and greener technology sector.

    I am Entrepreneurial

    Co-founded a music publishing entity,, which was one of the first of its kind in 1999. This gave me solid sales and marketing experience, necessary for growing any business. In tandem with being a contributing progenitor of the green jobs movement in Oakland, CA, USA in 2005/06, I also laid the groundwork for a green jobs 501(c)(3) non-profit, Green Opps! In 2010, I entered the CleanTech Open with my service oriented business model, RE Power `Em. The ultimate aim is to use local knowledge and resources, combined with the latest decentralized renewable technologies to provide energy and potable water solutions for a rebuilding a holistic, sustainable future for all inhabitants of the Earth.

    I am a Creative, Motivated Collaborator

    I enjoy workplaces where there is appreciation of innovation and originality, and job content variety. I have a passion for coming up with new ideas, like change and dynamic environments, so I don't mind ambiguity or the unknown. During 2012, I was privileged to contribute to a nascent smart grid communications protocol standard to be used for embedding a high-penetration of residential PV inverters on existing electrical distribution networks. I rather like being immersed in projects that are high-risk with high-reward opportunities. I am highly motivated and a self-starter. Working independently, or as a team member is not a problem.

    I am Available

    Now. I am available now for projects in renewable energy engineering. I seek work in California, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Turkiye, Tunisia and Brazil.

    Aside: Sometimes I find myself immersed in solving problems requiring the consideration of a spherical or cylindrical cow... If you want to know more, do head over to my LinkedIn profile.


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