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Greetings. My name is Kimberly King. Yes, 'Kimgerly' is my handle, my brand.

I am a renewable energy engineer, disruptive technologist, generalist, ruimdenker, technical writer, web content management, copy editor and communications specialist with a background in renewable energy, systems engineering, sustainable development, and IT systems analysis and administration. Trying to out think the box. Developing everyday brilliance for disaster resilience. From time to time, when I have a moment, I also dabble in music publishing and wearing the hat of an Eco-chef. I also like solving problems requiring the consideration of a spherical cow--ask me about this sometime...

If you're interested in what's been trickling out of my 'vaults' these days, have a look at my offerings in the My Projects bla bla page, especially my latest 'adventure', REST In Urban Agriculture + Humanure (RE)Branding a (RE)source.

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Like most web sites, this one is also a work in-progress...

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